Hiking in Le Marche

The most beautiful walks and paths in our region

Hiking in Le Marche

You can make beautiful walks in our region, directly from our Agriturismo, in various nature reserves and of course in the famous Monte Sibillini. The quality and signage of the hiking trails has greatly improved in recent years, sometimes you have to do some searching, so make sure you always have a map of the walk you’re making with you. Our favorite hikes are in the Riserva del Monte San Vicino and in the Sibillini mountains. Most walks are also suitable for children. Sturdy walking shoes and plenty of drinking water are a must to take with you! Below you will find a selection of walks near our agriturismo.

Overview walks Le Marche

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Case Leonori - San Lorenzo

Directly around our agriturismo is an extensive forest area the Pineta, with various hiking and MTB trails. From a circular road in the forest (called the loop by us) you can take routes ‘up’ to the top of the area, towards the ruins of Roccaccia or hiking trails ‘down’ to Pitino.

You can also follow the loop itself and occasionally take a path through the forest if you want to stay closer to home.

The walks offer shade and coolness in the summer and in a number of places you have beautiful views over our surroundings and the other valley. The castle of Pitino can also be reached on foot via a brisk (day) walk and definitely worth it.

The paths are alternately covered with gravel or large loose stones, some routes go through small rivers or require some scrambling. Good walking shoes and possibly a walking stick are therefore recommended.

Unfortunately, the routes are not indicated and plotted, however, we have recorded a number of circular walks in Google Maps and if you are a guest with us you will of course receive the necessary directions.

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Cingoli - Percorsi del Benessere

Just below the town of Cingoli, also known as the ‘Balcone delle Marche’ because of its high location and wide view, are the forests of Cingoli where a completely renewed and signposted hiking area has been set out.

You will find 5 walks here, ranging from 5 to 14 kilometers. The routes all start from a spacious parking lot on the main road to Cingoli (the SP 502) and are excellently signposted. It is also possible to ride the routes with mountain bike, there are even 2 separate MTB routes (9 fossi) that start from the same parking lot.

The routes run partly through the forest on gravel paths, along fields and over meadows. It is certainly worth taking the long route to ‘Cristo delle Marche’, a statue that overlooks the valley below, up to the sea and Monte Conero. Here is also an old abbey with benches, great for picnicking.

You can combine a visit to this hiking area with a visit to the town of Cingoli (also a ‘Borghi più belli di Italia‘) or lake Cingoli. This lake is not very special to swim in but nice to visit and walk.

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Piani di Ragnolo

The Piani di Ragnolo is a beautiful plateau on the Sibillini between the cities of Sarnano and Fiastra. You can easily reach this plateau by following the signs to Santa Maria Maddalena (Macerata), which is located between Sassotetto and Pintura. At the famous cottage ‘Villa Lucio’ you will find a sign to Acquacanina and park along the road at the ski slopes.

To reach the Piani di Ragnoli, follow the paved road towards Acquacanina on foot for 50 meters and leave Villa Lucia on the left, until you reach the ascending gravel path marked with the letter “G”. In 30 – 40 minutes you arrive at the pass of Monte Pizzo Meta. If you want you can walk further to the top, but you can also take a walk along the panoramic ridge and follow the clear path over the plateau.

During the walk you have a beautiful view of the surroundings. On one side of the ridge you can see the Adriatic sea in the distance and on the other side the peaks of Monte Sibillini. In the months of May, June and July you can enjoy a beautiful sea of flowers in this area!!

Combine the walk with a visit to Sarnano or Lago di Fiastra to make it a day trip.

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Gola dell'Infernaccio

The Gola dell’Infernaccio (hell gorge) is a beautiful location in the middle of nature. The Tenna River has ingrained this unique gorge in Monte Sibillini.

The walk to the gorge is highly recommended among the many hikes in the Monte Sibillini area. And is also well suited for children (but with closed shoes).

At the start of the hike you walk through the narrow part of the gorge with many impressive rocks and mini waterfalls. In the summer a cooling place for young and old. The walk continues via a fairly wide path along the river towards the beech forest with beautiful clearings where you can admire the high mountains around.

Through the forest you reach the San Leonardo hermit monastery via an alternating path (flat and steep). This monastery was built in 40 years by Father Pietro. He lived here alone during this period. It is an impressive monastery to behold and to realize that this Father dragged all the stones up himself.

Parking tip: you drive past the town of Rubbiano to the barrier. Here you can park in the parking lot or along the road. The road to the parking lot is bad, but doable (otherwise you walk a few km extra on the road).

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Grotta degli Amanti

This walk is located in the Cugnolo forest next to Torre di Palma. Here you walk a simple route through a shady forest, also well suited for children. Eventually you will be led to the Grotta degli Amanti (cave of the lovers), so named after a love story that takes place in 1911 during the colonial war between Italy and Libya.

The young Antonio has to return to the army after his leave. But he flees with his lover to the forest. Here they find a cave where they hide and survive for 8 days. They realized that they could not stay here forever and still had to return to the village. Unfortunately, that would mean the death penalty for Antonio because he had run away from his duty to rejoin the army. They then decided to jump off a rock together out of love for each other.

The last part towards the cave is a lot more adventurous. Via rope railings you hoist yourself up the steep path. Then you walk a little bit to the cave and via a loop back towards the parking lot.

Be sure to visit Torre di Palma, a nice picturesque medieval village with souvenir shops and restaurants overlooking the Adriatic coast.

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Lame Ross

This walk starts at the dam of lago di Fiastra. It is a beautiful not too difficult route that leads you to the special red rock formations the ‘Lame Rosse’. These are also called the Canyon of Le Marche.

From the dam you have a fantastic view over both the lake and the gorge. After you have crossed the dam, continue through the tunnel on the gravel path. This is where the real walk begins. You follow the path along the gorge and then continue through the forest.

The last part is quite challenging, a steep climb takes you between the rock formations. The view is well worth the climb!

Tip: Bring enough water for the road and wear good walking shoes!

You can easily combine the walk with a visit to the beautiful mountain lake Lago di Fiastra. Here you can cool off in the fresh water, rent a canoe or sup or just relax on a rug. Directly on the lake is a small eatery (Verde Fiastra) for a snack, drink and beach bed.

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Passo di Lupo

Around the Monte Conero there are a number of walks, of which the one to the viewpoint of the ‘Passo di Lupo’ is relatively easy. Nevertheless, it provides a magnificent view of the beach of ‘Due Sorelle’ and the other beaches of the ‘Riviera di Monte Conero’. In clear weather you can see the Sibillini mountains on the other side.

The walk to Passo di Lupo starts from the cemetery of Sirolo, from that point follow route number 302. There are limited (paid) parking spaces here, an alternative is the large parking lot in Sirolo itself, you can walk to the start in 10 minutes. You can also start from Bar Belvedere, you can then continue on the hiking trail.

The walk itself is easy to walk (with walking shoes) and also good for children. The last part of the trail is narrow with a fairly steep precipice, the viewpoint is spectacular. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to walk further down to the beach of Due Sorelle from there, this is not only dangerous but can also earn you a hefty fine.

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Canfaito forest

In the Monte San Vicino nature reserve is the Canfaito beech forest, with the oldest beech trees of the Marche. Especially in autumn, the forest with the centuries-old beech trees (faggio) is enchantingly beautiful and photogenic.

In the other seasons it is certainly worthwhile to visit the forest and choose one of the many routes that have been set out. From the Canfaito monument (10 minutes drive from Elcito) you drive to a large parking lot from where you walk into the forest. You can follow part of route 209 here or walk all the way down it (see this map).

The forest with its fairytale trees is a fun attraction for children. In some places cows walk around freely and there are beautiful viewpoints (including to Lake Cingoli).

Be sure to visit the village of Elcito, an authentic mountain village where you imagine yourself in other times. There is also a small restaurant here ‘Il Cantuccio’ where you can eat delicious sandwiches, check their facebook page for the opening hours (out of season only on weekends).

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Monte San Vicino

The natural park ‘Riserva Monte San Vicino’ takes its name from the mountain of the same name, which with an altitude of more than 1,400 meters is a real eye-catcher in the hiking area and the surrounding area. A special feature of this mountain is that it has a different shape from every wind direction.

Of course you can also ‘climb’ this mountain, there are 2 paths that lead you to the top: the first (and fastest) possibility starts from the Prati di San Vicino, a large lawn that lies directly on the main road. From there you walk up in 45 minutes, the first part through the forest and the last part over the ridge.

The second possibility starts from the Pian dell’Elmo on the north side of the mountain. This route is a bit longer (1.5 hours to the top) and also runs partly through the forest.

On top of the summit you have a great 360 degree view of the surroundings, on clear days you can even see the coast of Croatia.

The walk is easy to do for children (especially through the first possibility), good walking shoes are recommended.

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