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Coronavirus FAQ

More information about the virus in Italy and how we deal with it (update December 2020). Because we will not open again until April 2021, we provide basic information below. In any case, it is important that we apply relaxed cancellation measures for upcoming bookings (see further on this page).

Coronavirus in Italy

What are the current measures in Italy?
Regional measures against the spread of the Coronavirus are currently in place in Italy. Each region is given a color (yellow, orange or red) according to the degree of contamination. Each color refers to measures and restrictions.
Can I travel to Italy by car?
The borders with the other EU states are open so tourists can visit Italy without restrictions.

The situation may vary from day to day because surrounding countries can adjust their travel advice and travel restrictions. Therefore, always check the current travel information.

You can find up-to-date travel and border info for Switzerland and Austria here.
Can I travel to Italy by air?
Most airlines currently fly to Italy on a modified schedule.

Check the website of your preferred airline for more information.
How is the situation in Le Marche?
From the spring of 2021 we will again update the specific situation for our region.
Can I just eat somewhere or sit on a terrace?
From the spring of 2021 we will again update the situation in the hospitality industry.
Can I go to the beach?
From the spring of 2021 we will again update the situation on the beaches and the lakes.
Do I have to wear a mask everywhere?
From the spring of 2021 we will again update the situation with regard to the masking obligation.

Corona measures Case Leonori

Are your apartments "Coronaproof"?
All our apartments are completely self-sufficient with their own sanitary facilities. In addition, each entrance is open to its own private terrace. This allows the ‘social distance’ between the different apartments to be guaranteed without any problems.
What kind of hygiene measures are you taking?
We have established a new hygiene protocol for daily and weekly cleaning and disinfection. This includes extra disinfection after the regular cleaning of an apartment and the extra disinfection of communal places such as the swimming pool and playground.
What else do you do to ensure a healthy and safe stay?
At all activities and times where there is direct contact between guests (and us) we will take measurements to ensure the social distance of 1 meter.

You can think of: own assigned sunbeds by the pool for each apartment, communal meal with distance between each company etcetera.

When preparing a meal or the aperitivo by us, we take additional measures such as wearing a mask and using gloves. The dishes and snacks are also prepared and offered individually as much as possible.

You will also find disinfectant hand gel in various places on our grounds.
Is there a risk of contamination in the pool?
As far as we know, contamination in a swimming pool is practically impossible. Due to the large amount of water, any contaminated substance is greatly diluted and therefore the risk of contamination is zero.

For safety and in accordance with the local guidelines, a maximum of 10 people may enter the pool at the same time.

Health facilities nearby

What are the facilities in case of emergency?
In our municipality (Treia) there are 2 general practitioners and a paediatrician, all less than 10 minutes drive away. A large regional hospital is located in San Severino Marche (20 minutes’ drive away). In the region, two ‘Covid hospitals’ have also been identified in case of a life-threatening corona infection.

Booking season 2021

Can I make a temporary reservation for 2021?
Due to the uncertain situation, you can book with an adjusted deposit of 25% of the travel amount to make the reservation final. The second deposit of 25% is due in the spring of 2021. The final payment (50%) we would like to receive 6 weeks before your stay.

If there is a negative travel advice from your country or Italy closes its borders and you cannot come to us/ can stay with us we will refund the full deposit. In all other cases, we do not refund any money and advise you to take a good travel/cancellation insurance.

We try to keep the above information as up-to-date as possible, however it can change daily. For the latest state of affairs and questions about a stay we ask you to contact us. Before departure, check the latest advice and rules for the countries you travel through on your way to Italy.

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