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Towns and villages in Le Marche

Our agriturismo is a great starting point to discover all kinds of picturesque towns and villages in the area. On this page we describe a number of them and we tell you the 'highlights' of each town. Some villages in the Marche can be quite extinct, especially at certain times of the day. Therefore we recommend to plan your visit either in the morning (until 13:00) or in the afternoon after 16:30. The shops are then open so that there is more 'life' in the city. To taste the atmosphere of a town even better, it is also nice to go when it is market. In the summer you can also keep an eye on the calendar with festivities and thus make your visit even more interesting.

Marche cities overview

  • Treia: Uno dei piu belli borghi d’Italia
  • San Severino Marche: Piazza del Popolo and Due Torri
  • Macerata: University city with open-air theatre
  • Tolentino: Medieval city rich in art and history
  • Loreto: Place of pilgrimage with magnificent cathedral
  • Recanati: Hometown of poet Giacomo Leopardo
  • Osimo: Once the centre of Le Marche
  • Sarnano: Beautiful mountain village in the heart of the Sibillini
  • Torre di Palma:Impressive village on a rock by the sea

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Treia is a beautiful medieval village rich in history, art, culture and centuries-old traditions. It is not for nothing that Treia has been named one of the most beautiful villages in Italy…. Or ‘Borghi più belli d’Italia’`. The city is walled and has 7 gates. Wander through the narrow streets and visit Piazza della Repubblica. The main square is surrounded by beautiful buildings, including the beautiful ‘Chiesa San Filipo’ and has a great view that stretches from Monte Sibillini via Gran Sasso towards Monte Conero and the Adriatic Sea.

During your visit to Treia you should definitely try the ‘Calcioni’ (available at the local bakery). Treia is known for this delicious delicacy, a stuffed Pecorino cheese cookie, a combination of sweet and savory. Combines well with a glass of Verdicchio wine, beer or cup of coffee on the terrace.

The first Sunday in August the ‘Disfida del Bracciale‘ takes place in Treia. A medieval ball game in which the different districts of the city fight for the win. A beautiful spectacle to see, which starts with a historic parade of the groups from the neighborhoods and ends with the actual competition on the grounds outside the city wall. In Treia there is a small museum where you can see and read more about this centuries-old ball sport (key to get at Pro Loco, the local tourist office).

Tip: Visit Treia when there is a market or at the end of the day for more ‘life’ and activity in the city. In the summer we organize a weekly city tour through Treia with local (English speaking) guide.

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San Severino Marche

San Severino Marche actually consists of two parts. The castle on top of Monte Nero which was built in the early Middle Ages after the ancient Roman city of Septempeda was destroyed. The Septempedani then decided to move out of the valley and establish a new town at the top of Monte Nero. In the 13th century, the city developed further along the slope. The due Torri (Smeducci) look out over the city and had the function of defense, observation and signaling to the other towers of the castles in the area, including Castello di Pitino and Castello Aliforni. The castle has an Archaeological Museum, very worthwhile to visit with children!

The heart of the city is the beautiful Piazza del Popolo with its characteristic oval shape. On the south side of the square you will find the 18th century Palazzo Comunale, on the other side you will find the church of San Giuseppe with its rococo style façade. On the square is also the Feronia theatre, the interior of which is in neoclassical style.

The square is the lively heart of the city with its numerous shops, bars and restaurant. On Saturdays the weekly market takes place here. Tip: finish here on a terrace (Pinos Bar or Bar Central) for a real aperitivo!!

Tip: Since 2020, 2 new interactive city walks are available at the local tourist office (Pro Loco). This is highly recommended!!

Near the station you will also find a small city park. Buy a real Gelato at Bar Dello Stadio and also walk through this shady park (with playground).

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Macerata, the capital of the province of the same name, is next to a lively student city the second opera city in Italy. The city is known for its beautiful open-air theater “Sferisterio”. From mid-July to mid-August, the famous opera festival takes place here with a different theme every year. Tickets are available online. Check the website for the current availability If you have the opportunity, it is highly recommended. A night out among the “stuffed up” Italians who go to the opera. The sferisterio can also be visited during the day without a performance.

On the main square “Piazza della Liberta” you will find the Torre dei Tempi con Orologio Planetario. If you happen to be in the area around noon, you can look at the rotating hands at exactly 12 o’clock and listen to the clock. Around the square there are nice bars, terraces and restaurants.

Also visit the Palazzo Bonaccorsi (famous for its Aeneas Hall, a newly renovated masterpiece from the18thcentury) with the Museo della Carozza (museum of the carriage – fun for children). If you are a big fan of Baroque, you can indulge yourself at the Basilica della Misericordia, Parrocchia Santa Maria delle Vergini and the Chiesa San Filippo Neri. Three impressive churches built entirely in Baroque style.

Tip: Macerata is best visited either in the morning (during the market on Wednesday) or at the beginning of the evening. The city comes alive as soon as the temperatures become pleasant. Events are organised regularly in the summer months.

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A somewhat smaller old medieval town rich in art and history. Located halfway between the coast and the Sibillini Mountains. The city offers many historical and tourist attractions including the Basilica of San Nicola, beautiful medieval houses, the cathedral and several Romanesque churches and squares.

The biggest attraction in Tolentino is the Basilica of San Nicola. This church was built in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and extended and restored several times. The showpiece of the church is the Gothic Capellone di San Nicola, in the chapel is the tomb containing the body of San Nicola. Also visit the adjacent cloister with beautiful frescoes.

After your visit to the Basilica, stroll through the narrow alleys and streets of the historic center and finish in Tolentino’s main square, Piazza della Libertà. The square is dominated by the Sangallo Palace, the Town Hall and the bell tower all built in the Renaissance. Unfortunately, the consequences of the earthquake are still clearly visible at the moment. Many buildings are still surrounded by scaffolding, but a visit to this city is still worthwhile.

Reach the city via the Ponte del Diavolo, or the Devil’s Bridge. Legend has it that this bridge was built in 1 night with the help of the devil.

Tip: Near Tolentino is the ‘Abbadia di Fiastra‘, a beautiful old monastery complex, surrounded by a nature / walking area.

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One of the most famous pilgrimage sites in the world. On the square you will find the Basilica della Santa Casa (virtually visitable here), with the House of Mary from Nazareth inside. According to tradition, the house of the Blessed Virgin Mary (where Jesus grew up), in order to protect against the Turkish invaders, was transported on the boat from Israel to Ancona. Once in Italy, the pope’s replacement at the time decided to move it to Porto Recanati. To then end up on a hill in a wooded area.

From that moment on Loreto was born! Immediately after the arrival of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a richly decorated Duomo was built. Loreto is also called “little” Rome. In addition to the Duomo, you will also find a beautiful treasury, Sala del Tesoro, also called the Sistine Chapel of Le Marche. The treasury contains the most wonderful gifts from pilgrims around the world. To protect all this from thieves, a military fort has been built around it. From the fort you have a great view of the basilica but also of the city of Loreto and the beautiful surrounding hilly landscape.

In piazza della Madonna is also the Palazzo Apostolico, which has been worked on for more than 250 years, a 75-meter-high bell tower and a baroque fountain on the square.

Religious or not…. A visit to this impressive place should certainly not be missed during your holiday. Tip: make sure you have appropriate clothing otherwise you are not allowed inside.

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Recanati is a typical balcony town “citta balcone” with views over the surrounding hills and valleys. It is also the birthplace of Giacomo Leopardi, renowned poet, writer and philosopher of Italian literature.

Recanati is located at about 290 meters altitude between the valleys of the rivers Potenza and Musone. Walk through the city and let yourself be tempted to wander through the various atmospheric alleys.

On the main square “Piazza Leopardi” you will find the statue of Leopardi, the Torre del Borgo, and the Palazzo Comunale (town hall). On the square you will also find several terraces where it is great to stay with a caffe and brioche, a lunch or an aperitivo!

If you want to sniff a little more culture, visit “Casa Leopardi” the birthplace of this eponymous poet. Here you will find endless books in the family library.

Or take a walk to the Piazza di Sabato del Villagio. This square is named after a poem by Leopardi. On this square you will also find the Santa Maria di Montemorello church. This is the church in which Leonardi was baptized.

Tip: On Saturday the weekly market is held and it is pleasantly busy in the city.

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Osimo, located high on a hill, can be admired from afar. Via beautiful winding roads you reach the bottom of the city. You can park on the large Maxiparcheggio from where you can take a kind of cable car with glasses up the mountain.

As soon as you walk into the Centro Storico, you will notice how lively it is. The old town center consists of very beautiful restored buildings and cozy little streets.

Corso Mazzini is the main street with various shops and boutiques. A must is the Citywalk of With this city walk you can see all the highlights of the city with extensive interesting information.

If you like caves, a visit to the underground city is recommended “Grotte del Cantinone“. Hidden beneath the city is a system of corridors carved in sandstone. The tunnels served as a defense but also as a supply of water. Via the tourist office on Via Fonte Magna you can get a guided tour (mandatory).

Tip: Be sure to check out the cathedral near the central square and the accompanying baptistery with beautiful ceiling paintings.

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Sarnano, a beautiful13th century village built on the slopes of Monte Sibillini with an impressively beautiful historic center (centro storico). It is not for nothing that it is on the list of the ‘Borghi più belli d’Italia‘! From the main square in the old town you have a breathtaking view of the Sibillini. In the city you will find several nice restaurants and bars. On Thursdays it is market and pleasantly busy. On the outskirts of the city there is a park “Parco del Serafino” with a new playground for young and old children.

La Cascatelle di Sarnano (waterfalls) are located about 1.5 km from the center of Sarnano. You can walk there in about 20 to 30 minutes. Wonderful to cool off on a hot day. Recently there is a walk called “Via delle Cascate Perdute“. This is an easy walk of 6 km that leads you past three forgotten waterfalls. These have long been hidden by an abundance of vegetation and released since 2020.

Sarnano is also an important spa town. The city is located between two rivers, the Rio Terro and the Tennacola, the territory is rich in water vouchers with medicinal properties. Pay a visit to Terme di Sarnano ( ).

From Sarnano you can follow a beautiful mountain road that leads you to the top (Sassotetto). Here you can walk beautifully on the Piani di Ragnolo and climb the Monte Pizzo Meta.

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Torre di Palma

At the top of a sloping slope that slopes down to the sea lies the medieval village of Torre di Palma. A medieval castle built for defense lies impressively on a rock with a phenomenal view over the sea.

Torre di Palme is a popular village because of its charming and romantic appearance. Do not stay on the “main street” but let yourself be carried away by the many small streets where it seems as if time has stood still.

A visit to the Sant’Agostino church should not be missed. Here you will find the original altarpiece by Vittore Crivelli. An impressive polyptych with images of the saints enclosed by a gilded wooden frame. If you look closely you can see that 3 panels are missing. The altarpiece was stolen in 1972 but not much later found in very poor condition and restored.

At the end of the main street you have a panoramic view over the sandy beaches of Porto San Giorgio with its modern marina.

Tip: take a walk in the adjacent Cugnolo forest. Here you walk a simple walk through a shady forest. Very suitable for children. The walk leads you to the Grotta degli Amanti (cave of the lovers).

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